September to December 2011

September 2011
Lovely pair of Red spinel earrings with diamonds

We also get to have fun and make chunky silver pieces. Like this Amethyst and sterling silver piece. Taking a break from making serious jewellery ...
October 2011

Challenging design brief for a family crest ring in sterling silver.

November 2011
Each day is interesting and has its own challenges: Make a tiny bell 15mm x 10mm, and it must ring...

December 2011
Brooch for baby Bailey... with a little diamond. Each baby girl should get her first diamond from her dad, don't you agree?

Things we have been up to....

The 52 jewellery projects didn't work out in the end as we are too busy making custom jewellery pieces for clients, so we are now going to dedicate the blog to the stuff that really keeps us busy every day at the studio.In other words "day in the life of a jewellery workshop /goldsmith". We will start with a quick update of the highlights since June 2011.
June 2011

Our client bought in a few opals purchased during a trip. She wanted some jewellery made up for herself and her 2 daughters. Above is a pendant in yellow gold with a small diamond.
July 2011

Engagement ring for a lucky young lady. This is our staple diet of jewellery pieces. Wedding and engagement rings...

August 2011
Interesting design brief for an art nouveau influence ring
From concept...

To finished product...

Project 11 - Something for the Bride

Fine silver and brass hair ornament 13cm long, 3cm wide
I just quickly want to publish these pics of the hair ornament that has been on my bench now for 2 weeks already. Each time I am thinking of taking a photo to post on the blog something happens...the phone rings, or I cant find the camera, or the cameras batteries are dead, or... you know what I mean.
So there she is, finally on the blog - something for a bride I think in a fabulous "up"style hairdo.
This flower is only one of many fold forming techniques. We have a workshop on it this Saturday again with Fransa Cole, and I think I will have to stick around a bit longer to learn another new technique. It truly is fascinating how easy it is to make a 3dimensional shape from a flat sheet of metal. A type of origami for metal if you will. This is project number 11 - only 41 to go. Playing around with granulation at the moment - will let you know if I had any success.

Project 7,8,9,10Cheating (just a bit)

So we all new it was going to happen. . . I am so far behind that instead of concentrating on the project of the moment, I am stressed out about the 14 that first needs to get done. I know it sounds silly to think about it in that way, but that is just the way my brain is wired.So I am going to cheat a bit to get ahead. I am going to add some projects done for magazines to my 52 project list. Just to recap, after these 4 "new" projects I am now10 projects behind (I know, I know, it sounds really bad when you say it out loud) During the first weeks of April, I did this project for the craftwise magazine. It is for the May/June issue currently on the shelves.
Sterling silver chain with Letter and number punched sterling and 9ct yellow disk, Swarovski Crystal Briolette, Chalcedony Marquise cab, Chrysoprase Bullet Cab. aka Project 7
I have had a few teardrop shaped stones in my drawer since last year, and I had an idea for a project that was simple to make. This toggle style neck…

Project 6

I do see that I have made quite a few rings and earrings so far, so I will try and focus on a few pendants, brooches or maybe bangles.This ring was made with a vintage brooch given to me by my Granny Emma. I think the stone is actually glass, but it does have a lovely warm colour that looks quite a lot like a brandy topaz.The ring on the bottom is just a wide silver dome ring, and the brooch is riveted on the top. I used rivets as I was unsure of the stone and didn't want to remove it just to solder, so I left it in situ.The "stone" has quite a few chips and scratches, but because it was given to me by my gran I wont be selling it (and I quite like the chips and scratches, it's a reminder that it had its own kind of history before you)
Sterling silver ring with vintage brooch finding, riveted

Project 5

I have to remind myself that this challenge is just that, a challenge. Life is what happens while you are trying to do other things. These last few weeks have been quite tricky for me, so I am 2 (plus original 2) projects behind. So without furtherre due here is the latest one, as promised done with a cut off piece of wood from my husbands knife making.

Sterling Silver Ring with Wild Olive wood, and Sterling Silver tube rivets. 29 x 26 x 9mm
I must say I was very tempted to put some sparkly stones in somewhere, but alas, time is not on my side and I have to get on with the other projects already jockeying for position in my head.
Coming up next: Something made with a piece of vintage brooch from my grandmother.

Project 4

This is last weeks project that I only got to finish today. This can be attributed to all the small stone tube settings. I will be the first to admit that my setting skills leave much to be desired, but this project gave me an opportunity to practice x 18. The pic on the right shows the tiny (1.5mm)stones set on the side of the tubes. For the cabs on the ends I used Iolites, I love their deep blue violet colour. (and its not green - I had to stop myself as I originally wanted to use peridot. If you didnt know, I have a thing for green stones...) Sterling Silver Earrings, constructed 25 x 12 mm each, Black and while cubic zirconia, Square cabochon Iolite.
The design has quite an art deco feel to it, as well as reminding me of wings for some reason. Like a vintage aviators badge or something like it.
Speaking of Art Deco, I was asked to be part of an exhibition in May with an Art Deco/Art Noveau theme. I did the design before I knew about the exhibit - so I was tuned in to what the universe w…