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Project 11 - Something for the Bride

Fine silver and brass hair ornament 13cm long, 3cm wide
I just quickly want to publish these pics of the hair ornament that has been on my bench now for 2 weeks already. Each time I am thinking of taking a photo to post on the blog something happens...the phone rings, or I cant find the camera, or the cameras batteries are dead, or... you know what I mean.
So there she is, finally on the blog - something for a bride I think in a fabulous "up"style hairdo.
This flower is only one of many fold forming techniques. We have a workshop on it this Saturday again with Fransa Cole, and I think I will have to stick around a bit longer to learn another new technique. It truly is fascinating how easy it is to make a 3dimensional shape from a flat sheet of metal. A type of origami for metal if you will. This is project number 11 - only 41 to go. Playing around with granulation at the moment - will let you know if I had any success.