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Project 7,8,9,10Cheating (just a bit)

So we all new it was going to happen. . . I am so far behind that instead of concentrating on the project of the moment, I am stressed out about the 14 that first needs to get done. I know it sounds silly to think about it in that way, but that is just the way my brain is wired.So I am going to cheat a bit to get ahead. I am going to add some projects done for magazines to my 52 project list. Just to recap, after these 4 "new" projects I am now10 projects behind (I know, I know, it sounds really bad when you say it out loud) During the first weeks of April, I did this project for the craftwise magazine. It is for the May/June issue currently on the shelves.
Sterling silver chain with Letter and number punched sterling and 9ct yellow disk, Swarovski Crystal Briolette, Chalcedony Marquise cab, Chrysoprase Bullet Cab. aka Project 7
I have had a few teardrop shaped stones in my drawer since last year, and I had an idea for a project that was simple to make. This toggle style neck…