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Project 2

My second project is done! I have had this square lilac Chalcedony for a while now, and was just waiting for the right design. I almost didn't make it as busy weekend plans gave me very little time to finish the ring. And I literally almost didn't make it as my top dome exploded while soldering. So here is a lesson. I always teach my students to make a small hole somewhere in a closed dome or bead to help the hot air escape. I didn't want to make a hole under the stone as the stone is clear and would show the shape of the hole. The pressure builds inside a closed area while you are heating it the hot air inside expands, and it needs to go somewhere. So it will either blow open a weak solder join, or literally blow the thinnest part of metal sky high. In unlucky situations it may explode right in your face or eyes. I thought I was safe as the thickness in the metal was almost 1mm. But it did, thank goodness no one else was close by or hurt, except my poor apprentice who had…

Project 1

This is my first project, and I must confess, I have had it on my bench for a while now, never being able to finish it. The challenge gave me the perfect opportunity to do just that. So in a way I cheated not starting entirely from scratch, but anyway... there she is! Sterling Silver and Copper (etched) earrings with Chrysoprase Marquise shaped Cabochons. Size 30x 13mm each

The 52 pieces of jewellery challenge

If there where such a thing as the blogger police for not blogging regularly, I would be in jail by now. So to remedy the situation I have decided to challenge myself to make a piece of jewellery for every week of this year.
The rules:
These pieces are going to be additional to any other everyday jewellery that has to be made or repaired for customers. It will also not include any articles or projects for magazines.
Problem nr 1. (oh damn already)
Before I have even started I am already 2 weeks behind - deciding only now that the challenge would be a good idea. Thank goodness I didn't have this idea in May or September. The whole idea is to keep the creative juices flowing and not to drown in day to day admin, running a business and being a mom and never getting around to making fun jewellery.
Some weeks are going to be harder than others, but that is what a challenge is all about. The going is going to be fun, tough, frustrating etc. watch this space...