Project 2

My second project is done! I have had this square lilac Chalcedony for a while now, and was just waiting for the right design. I almost didn't make it as busy weekend plans gave me very little time to finish the ring. And I literally almost didn't make it as my top dome exploded while soldering. So here is a lesson. I always teach my students to make a small hole somewhere in a closed dome or bead to help the hot air escape. I didn't want to make a hole under the stone as the stone is clear and would show the shape of the hole. The pressure builds inside a closed area while you are heating it the hot air inside expands, and it needs to go somewhere. So it will either blow open a weak solder join, or literally blow the thinnest part of metal sky high. In unlucky situations it may explode right in your face or eyes. I thought I was safe as the thickness in the metal was almost 1mm. But it did, thank goodness no one else was close by or hurt, except my poor apprentice who had a heart attack while melting silver - sorry Farryl!. Even if you have a hole, turn it away from you while soldering as the hot air comes out with quite a bit of pressure (not unlike a whistling kettle). As is often said "practice what you preach". Lesson learnt.

I did make a hole under the stone by the way, and it actually adds to the whole square circle repeat of the design.

Sterling Silver and 9ct Yellow gold Ring with Square pyramid shape Chalcedony


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