Project 4

This is last weeks project that I only got to finish today.
This can be attributed to all the small stone tube settings. I will be the first to admit that my setting skills leave much to be desired, but this project gave me an opportunity to practice x 18.
The pic on the right shows the tiny (1.5mm)stones set on the side of the tubes.
For the cabs on the ends I used Iolites, I love their deep blue violet colour. (and its not green - I had to stop myself as I originally wanted to use peridot. If you didnt know, I have a thing for green stones...)
Sterling Silver Earrings, constructed 25 x 12 mm each, Black and while cubic zirconia, Square cabochon Iolite.
The design has quite an art deco feel to it, as well as reminding me of wings for some reason.
Like a vintage aviators badge or something like it.

Speaking of Art Deco, I was asked to be part of an exhibition in May with an Art Deco/Art Noveau theme. I did the design before I knew about the exhibit - so I was tuned in to what the universe was saying :) collective conscience an all that...

My husband gave me some amazing wood off-cuts from his knife making, so I am going to do this weeks project with wood and silver - I hope to finish it by the weekend.

FIY the Show me How show times given to us were incorrect, people phoned me this week saying that they saw me on TV. So it has been showing all week this week. Repeats x 3 on Sunday, check your DSTV guide for times.


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