Project 6

I do see that I have made quite a few rings and earrings so far, so I will try and focus on a few pendants, brooches or maybe bangles.This ring was made with a vintage brooch given to me by my Granny Emma. I think the stone is actually glass, but it does have a lovely warm colour that looks quite a lot like a brandy topaz.The ring on the bottom is just a wide silver dome ring, and the brooch is riveted on the top. I used rivets as I was unsure of the stone and didn't want to remove it just to solder, so I left it in situ.

The "stone" has quite a few chips and scratches, but because it was given to me by my gran I wont be selling it (and I quite like the chips and scratches, it's a reminder that it had its own kind of history before you)

Sterling silver ring with vintage brooch finding, riveted


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