Project 7,8,9,10Cheating (just a bit)

So we all new it was going to happen. . . I am so far behind that instead of concentrating on the project of the moment, I am stressed out about the 14 that first needs to get done. I know it sounds silly to think about it in that way, but that is just the way my brain is wired.
So I am going to cheat a bit to get ahead.
I am going to add some projects done for magazines to my 52 project list.
Just to recap, after these 4 "new" projects I am now10 projects behind (I know, I know, it sounds really bad when you say it out loud)
During the first weeks of April, I did this project for the craftwise magazine. It is for the May/June issue currently on the shelves.

Sterling silver chain with Letter and number punched sterling and 9ct yellow disk, Swarovski Crystal Briolette, Chalcedony Marquise cab, Chrysoprase Bullet Cab.
aka Project 7

I have had a few teardrop shaped stones in my drawer since last year, and I had an idea for a project that was simple to make.
This toggle style necklace is made with snake chain,
with a tapered cone "cap" that fits on top of the stone.
A ring of any size or shape can be made for the
stone to slip through.
The weight of the stone keeps the whole thing secure around your neck.

Sterling silver and Rose Quartz teardrop pendant
aka Project 8

Mid April, we got a new kiln (Yheay!) and immediately wanted to use it to make something, and to check that everything works.
We then started playing around with Mokume Gane (a Japanese term describing the look of the metal. It literally means "wood eye metal"). This technique is about 300 to 400 years old.
You fuse layers of different colour metals to each other using uniform heat. You then pattern the metal in different ways to get the effect you want. We got in a Metallurgy expert Bertie le Roux, and he had success almost immediately.

Mokume Gane and Sterling silver pendant, constructed, oxidized.
aka Project 9

Here is a sneak peak of our project for the July/August issue of the craftwise mag. Just finished last week. The design was done by myself and Suvette (confusing isn't it) Geldenhuys - my new assistant since March. It is much in line with the current craze of Steam Punk. Mixed metal combinations, found objects, textured surfaces and resin.
Sterling silver and Brass, Copper ring, vintage watch parts, clear resin, rivets, constructed
aka Project 10

Fransa Cole who is the course facilitator for our fold forming workshops, showed me how to do a star aniseed shape (I don't know the proper name for the shape). I am going to make a hair ornament from it(I think it would be perfect for a bride). I will post the pictures soon.


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