Things we have been up to....

The 52 jewellery projects didn't work out in the end as we are too busy making custom jewellery pieces for clients, so we are now going to dedicate the blog to the stuff that really keeps us busy every day at the studio.
In other words "day in the life of a jewellery workshop /goldsmith".
We will start with a quick update of the highlights since June 2011.

June 2011

Our client bought in a few opals purchased during a trip. She wanted some jewellery made up for herself and her 2 daughters. Above is a pendant in yellow gold with a small diamond.

July 2011

Engagement ring for a lucky young lady. This is our staple diet of jewellery pieces. Wedding and engagement rings...

August 2011

Interesting design brief for an art nouveau influence ring

From concept...

To finished product...


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